Club Development Draw 2013 2013-04-24 10:51:00

Club Developement Confined Draw 2013

The response to the sale of our Development Draw tickets has been nothing short of astounding with all 350 tickets sold out.The one down side of holding a confined draw is having to disappoint some people by not having enough tickets to satisfy the demand and all we can say to these people is that you will have several more opportunities to support the Club in other ways during the course of this year and the years ahead.The Club wishes to express its deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the huge amount of people in the parish and beyond who have rowed in behind us with our Development plans, your support has given every one involved with the Club a huge vote of confidence going forward and indeed it strenghtens our belief and resolve in the Development that we are undertaking in Lisquinlan. Our next draw takes place on Friday 28th of June in Ladysbridge Hall at 9pm,for full list of winners see results in Club Development Draw section in Main Menu.

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